A Training on Telling your Story and Recruiting/Retaining Volunteers

with Olivia Chow

How do you keep fellow volunteers involved and grow the size of your team? In this special intensive workshop with Olivia Chow, you will learn how to tell your story and learn the story of your fellow volunteers to build relationships that foster their leadership and growth. You will finish the workshop having practiced telling your story and with concrete tools to more effectively recruit volunteers.

You are invited to join a one-day training with Olivia Chow at the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture Office on July 24th from 5pm-8pm.

Learn more at www.changeleaders.ca

Telling stories that connect to the heart

To break habits, you need to tap into sources of hope and empathy, and tell stories that show how people overcome a challenge they are facing. Storytelling communicates emotional content. We teach story-telling so people can know why you are doing what you are doing; we teach this by coaching students to tell their stories of self, us, and now. You will leave able to communicate what drives you to work on your cause, and why your audience must support come together to support you now.

Building Relationships

To sustain a movement you need relationships, and that takes commitment. Moreover, relationships allow you to coach new volunteers until they become leaders and are recruiting new members to your cause as well. We teach how to effectively recruit volunteers, maintain deepening relationships with them to secure commitment, and give them the courage to take on increasingly important roles in supporting your work. We teach a coaching model so new members are not just supported, but learn how to reflect on their contributions and continually grow their capacity.


194 Jarvis St. Toronto ON Canada