CCVT is a non-profit, registered charitable organization which aids survivors to overcome the lasting effects of torture and war.

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Volunteers are a vital part of the CCVT and its programs. One of the most important roles of the volunteer is to act as a Befriender to a survivor. Volunteers are paired with a CCVT client and provide ongoing personal, non-professional support. They can offer clients basic information and life skills and general assistance to help the survivor adjust to life in a new country.


Volunteers act as escorts and interpreters, accompanying clients to appointments with physicians, specialists, lawyers and social service agencies.


Volunteers are also important in the ESL program. They allow students to learn and practice in small groups or one-on-one with a volunteer tutor.


They assist with general office support, social events, a monthly newsletter as well as with committee work.


Befriending Program

Befrienders provide non-professional support to survivors of torture. Volunteers meet with a client 3 hours / week to develop a friendship within a social context away from the institution and to help with settlement, language, orientation and community building.


ESL Tutoring Program

Volunteer tutors meet with a client once a week for 1 hour to practice their oral and written English skills. Professional ESL training is not a requirement for volunteers.


Escorting/Interpreting Program

Volunteers escort clients to various appointments, including to doctor's, lawyer's and social worker's offices to help facilitate communication. Appointments last on average 1-2 hours and are during business hours in the Toronto area.


Public Education

Volunteers deliver presentations, workshops and help participate in career/volunteer fairs and other similar events to increase CCVT's visibility. Additional opportunities include office support, special events planning, homework club, newsletter production and the volunteer advisory committee.


We are also open to any new ideas for volunteer participation at CCVT!


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