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40th Anniversary First Light Celebration

Telling Our Stories: Immigrant Women’s Resilience”┬áis a graphic novel that aims at addressing sexual violence in newcomer communities. The workshop that was held on August 24th, 2017 for the Scarborough Women’s Support Group. The workshop was facilitated by Chenthoori Malankov, Sexual Violence Project Outreach Coordinator from OCASI in partnership with CCVT Luxsiga Ambigaibagan (CCVT Settlement/Trauma Counselor). The aim of the workshop was to bring to life and raise awareness on issues pertaining to sexual violence, where survivors can go for support as well as, how we as active community members can support survivors by breaking the barriers to access and becoming an ally. The graphic novel addressed issues of: domestic abuse, workplace harassment, sexual harassment on campus (Bill 132) and, rape. The session ended with discussion of the four stories in the novel and words of encouragement for survivors.

Anual Picnic 2017

The Family Magic Day Fun – Friday August 18, 2017