CCVT is a non-profit, registered charitable organization which aids survivors to overcome the lasting effects of torture and war.

Network, research, educate


We plan to build networks and action groups across the country for research, public education and to instruct the policy-making process.


The CCVT has a 13 member volunteer board which sets policy and guidelines for the operation of the Centre. The board is elected from the membership of the Centre at the Annual General Meeting. Currently, board members include volunteers with the Centre, members of the Centre's health and legal networks, educators, former service users and community activists.


There are currently 5 Standing Committees comprised of board members, health and legal network members, staff and volunteers. They are the Health Committee, Legal Committee, Volunteer Advisory Committee and the Public Education Committee. In addition, ad hoc committees are created as needed.


The CCVT receives funding from Canadian federal, provincial and municipal government agencies, the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Torture Victims, foundations, religious organizations, and individuals. In 1998, the CCVT became a member agency of the United Way.


The CCVT is a registered charitable organization (#13332 7908 RR0001).


There are thousands of silent victims across Canada -- our childrens' classmates, our neighbours, people travelling beside us on the bus or standing in the supermarket queue. The impacts of torture and war last through generations. The physicians, psychiatrists and other health practitioners who now provide services from CCVT are clear that children, youth and families cannot be separated in the journey of recovery and healing.


We need to extend the breadth of our services and activities, as the CCVT model is committed to doing, beyond the individual, the family and into the broader community to build a community of support. We will all be stronger for it. Some of the activities that we will engage in:


    Linking with schools, colleges and universities to create curriculum, build student awareness of the silent suffering that is amongst them.

    Creating a Peace Ambassadors program for students.

    Research and education on the impacts of detention on children and youth.

    Designing the on-line knowledge hub and reaching out across the country.

    Participating in and building networks to promote action on the tragedies of child solders, children in detention, child trafficking, the sex trade, children and youth facing death sentences.


We are taking a bold leap forward for victims of torture and survivors of war. PLEASE JOIN US!


Be part of CCVT's next chapter as we build our role as a Centre of Excellence a national hub for research, education, collaboration, community-building and the development and distribution of effective models of practice.


Read about our focus for the Centre of Excellence.


For over 25 years CCVT has been building its expertise and reputation as a pillar of research, education and community-based service delivery for victims of torture and survivors of war. We are called on increasingly to support, advise, collaborate with, teach, reach and inform agencies, institutions, governments in creating hope after the horror and preventing future horrors. There has never been a time of greater need than now for us to build on this stature as a leader. We need additional resources to make this happen and human and material resources that allow us to stretch our scope beyond the boundaries of our existing funding.


Through the resources and partnerships we build through The Centre of Excellence campaign we hope to create: A Knowledge Mobilization Hub We plan on building an on-line portal for individuals, groups and organizations across Canada to share ideas, seek information, collaborate to address issues of torture and war and to build community supports and action.


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