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As the winter approaches, CCVT clients often report a frequent lack of food security due to the increased cost of groceries and difficulty accessing food banks and other support services.

For Giving Tuesday 2022, CCVT aims to help provide 100 clients with $150 gift cards to purchase food for themselves and their families.


Until Giving Tuesday

Nov. 29, 2022


Giving Tuesday Statistics

Giving Tuesday Statistics


Food Costs


In the coming year, food costs are expected to increase by approximately $700 per family in the GTA. (United Way)
Giving Tuesday Statistics


Food Bank Clients


75% of food bank clients report using food bank services as a result of the financial strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. (United Way)
Giving Tuesday Statistics


Black Households


Black households have been found to be 2x as likely as white households to be food insecure. (United Way)
Giving Tuesday Statistics

TMFB’s 2019

Food Insecurity Report

TMFB’s 2019

The increasing cost of housing, transportation, and technology within the GTA has further caused strain on those living within food insecurity. Individuals surveyed report choosing to skip meals in an attempt to afford other financial necessities such as rent (31%), phones (20%), and transportation (18%). (TMFB pg. 11)
Giving Tuesday Statistics


Newcomers to Canada


Nationally, food insecurity often targets newcomers to Canada most preveniently with nearly 15% of newcomers to Canada (less that 1 year) facing food insecurity following their arrival to Canada. (TMFB pg. 18)
CCVT: GIving tuesday

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Food Insecurity &

  • 01. Food insecurity often jeopardizes personal health and wellbeing and can increase the risk of mental health issues, injuries, chronic pain, infection, and fatigue.
  • 02. Individuals with disabilities are disproportionately more likely to suffer from food insecurity.
  • 03. Individuals living within food insecurity are significantly more prone to psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and suicidal thoughts.


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