Please watch this introductory VIDEO on how the SAH program works.

Watch this VIDEO on how to use this calculator to determine how much money you will need.

The Principal Applicant must fit one the following classes:
  1. Convention Refugee Abroad Class
    • Currently living outside their home country
    • Cannot return to their home country due to a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.
  1. Country of Asylum Class
    • Currently living outside their home country
    • Has been seriously affected by civil war, armed conflict, or massive violations of human rights.
(Please refer to this page for more information regarding eligibility)
No.  Applicants do NOT need to be registered with UNHCR to be sponsored through the SAH program.  However, they need to fit into one of two refugee classes — Convention Refugee Abroad Class or the Country of Asylum Class.

Currently, we are unable to directly sponsor refugees.  However, if you have friends or family living in the Greater Toronto area, they can apply to co-sponsor you through our Sponsorship Agreement Holder Program (SAH).

Admissibility consists of medical, security, and criminality screenings. These screenings are conducted by the Canadian visa office after the sponsorship application is submitted and the applicant(s) are interviewed. Examples of reasons for inadmissibility include the individual posing a threat to national security, having a history of serious or organized crime, having committed violations of international or human rights and being a danger to public health (e.g. drug-resistant tuberculosis).  (Please refer to this page for more information regarding admissibility.) 

For a single applicant, that single person is the “Principal Applicant”. For spouses and common law partners, including those with children, the “Principal Applicant” is the person with the strongest case/claim to persecution.  (Source) When a family applies together, one member must be the main or “principal” applicant. For example, a mother applying for permanent residence with her three children would be the principal applicant. If parents are included in an application, dependent children cannot be principal applicants.  (Source)
A co-sponsor is a person or organization that partners with a SAH to share responsibility for sponsorship support.  For example, the person who wants to sponsor a friend/relative is designated as the “co-sponsor”. (Source)

A Permanent Resident or Citizen can be a co-sponsor.  The Co-Sponsor must also be able to provide five-years’ worth of tax Notices of Assessment.

A constituent/community group is a group authorized by a SAH to sponsor refugees.  An example of a CG is the local chapter of a national church, a mosque, or an ethno-national community group). 

You can participate in multiple sponsorships if you can financially support the applicants throughout their settlement process.  Therefore, you must declare all your sponsorship obligations when you apply to sponsor through our organisation.

Currently, we are only accepting applications from co-sponsors living in the GTA. If you live outside of the GTA, you can reach out to SAHs that serve your community of residence.  (You can find a list of SAHs here.  You can search by city and postal code.)


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