Toronto has always been Canada’s
top destination for immigrants and refugees.

This is what makes Toronto a dynamic city – a place where cultures blend and co-exist, where new citizens generate new ideas, new businesses, new neighbourhoods. Among the newcomers are tens of thousands of refugees. Today, they are coming from Syria and Iraq, from Eritrea and Congo – about 140 countries in total each year. They settle in Toronto because it’s the big city. Here they have community ties – fellow countrymen and women who’ve landed before them. They settle, they look for work, their kids go to school.

They’ve been coming, wave after wave,

since CCVT was founded in 1977: Chileans, Vietnamese, Iranians, Sri Lankans – all now well-established, productive, indispensable Canadian citizens.
At CCVT, our goal is to help build a Canadian society that ensures the well-being of all its citizens. The effects of torture and violence, if left untreated, can have devastating effects not just on the victims but on their children and grandchildren – on future generations of young Canadians.

But like other immigrants, refugees present an opportunity. If we can help them settle, provide the help they need to recover from the trauma that brought them here, and offer a sense of community, they – and their children – will thrive. And so will our city.


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